• Contains Chili Pepper Infused Vodka

  • Handcrafted by Former Bartenders

  • Gluten Free. No Artificial Flavors. No added Sugar.

Bloody Mary with Vodka
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An Award Winning Premixed Bloody Mary like no other!

Here in Texas we like things spicy! You can find spicy options of almost anything. So when we set out to create the first premixed Bloody Mary product in Texas, we knew we wanted it to be two things, Spicy & Fresh! The secret is in our Chili Pepper Infused Vodka. We infuse our vodka with handcut fresh Chili-Peppers. This process enables it to absorb the full flavor of the peppers and gives The Bloody Buddy a fresh smooth taste with a nice Texas Kick!

Chili Pepper Infused Vodka

Chili Pepper Infused Vodka

Try in Bloody Mary's, Spicy Mules, Lemonades and Mexican Candy Shots!

Premixed Bloody Mary.

Premixed Bloody Mary.

Our On-the-Go option! Take anywhere for an easy top notch bloody mary. 200ml Can.

Premixed Bloody Mary.

Premixed Bloody Mary.

Perfect for entertaining at home. Liter glass bottle.

Premixed Bloody Mary.

Premixed Bloody Mary.

For our biggest Bloody Buddy fans. This larger format stands out and is prime for friendly gatherings. 1.75L glass bottle

Whatever your indoor or outdoor recreation, with all your Buddies or just a few, The Bloody Buddy is the perfect way to get the festivities started!

Our Story 

Texas’ first and only Ready-to-Drink bloody mary. The Bloody Buddy™ is a chili pepper infused vodka and homemade bloody mary mix combined in one convenient bottle. Everything is made at our distillery in Dripping Springs with love. We are Gluten Free, non GMO and have No added sugar. The Bloody Buddy is a Spicy & Fresh bloody mary for any occasion. Just shake and pour over ice.


The Bloody Buddy™ was created behind a bar by former bartenders and is now available to bring home.  Our chili-pepper infused vodka is what makes The Bloody Buddy so special. It is the backbone of our Unique Elixir and helps elevate us from the crowd.  Only Top Notch ingredients go into making The Bloody Buddy.  We dont' skimp on quality!  We think you will taste the difference. If you haven’t given us a try, please do, and feel free to drop us a line to let us know how we did.

What’s with the Fingerprint?

The Founders

Buddy Jordan

Buddy Jordan

Founder and Creator

Joey  Kindred

Joey Kindred

Owner / Operator


  • Can you deliver or ship?

    YES!!! Go to www.buythebloodybuddy.com to purchase

  • Where can I buy?

    Please use the store locator above or order online at www.buythebloodybuddy.com

  • What kind of vodka do you use?

    We make our own from corn. It’s gluten free and we infuse it naturally with chili-peppers.

Drop Us a Line

Drop Us a Line

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